If you regularly visit SilverX website to check for updates, you might have noticed that we did not published any significant SilverX updates for almost three months.

We’ve been busy porting SilverX core libraries from C++ to .NET. I am happy to inform you that the port is now complete and SilverX 1.5 alpha is now available! In May 2010 we will publish SilverX version 1.5 based on new core libraries, which will have functionality comparable to SilverX version 1.2.

New SilverX core introduces the following major updates:

  • SilverX is now a fully managed-code .NET application.
  • Performance has been improved dramatically.
  • Both WPF and Silverlight version of SilverX are available so you can use SilverX online!

Later in the summer, we plan to release SilverX 2.0 with major functionality enhancement, including a number of conversion options, ability to give names to converted elements, ability to convert individual SWF objects and a lot  more!


SilverX 1.5 alpha installer

Online Silverlight-based SilverX 2.0 prototype

Windows executable WPF-based SilverX 2.0 prototype

Please feel free to place your comments and suggestions, your opinion is highly important for us!