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SilverX Expression

SilverX Expression

Import your Flash(SWF) files into your Silverlight,
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* Currently SilverX does not convert ActionScript. If your need to convert complex Flash movies with ActionScript please contact us. Most probably we will be able to help you.

Why SilverX

SilverX allows designers and developers to convert existing Flash content into Silverlight. SilverX can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Transform Flash banners to ready to run Silverlight banners
  • Transform Flash movies/cartoons/animations into Silverlight movies
  • Export After Effects and CorelDraw vector graphics to SWF file and then convert it to Silverlight XAML
  • Convert vector graphical assets embedded in SWF file into elements ready to use in Silverlight application
  • Extract graphical assets embedded in SWF file

How It Works

SilverX is able to load Flash application (SWF file) and transform them into a Silverlight/WPF/Windows Phone solution or ready-to-run Silverlight application.

All you need to do is to select SWF file you want to convert to Silverlight and click "Convert" button. Within seconds, SilverX will create new Silverlight application which looks identical to the Flash content.

Once converted, your Silverlight application can be launched in your web-browser or loaded and additionally edited with Expression Blend or Visual Studio.

* Expression Blend 3 or Visual Studio 2008 SP1 is required to work with Silverlight 3 solutions. You can see the list of all Microsoft tools and products you required to start working with Silverlight 3 at page.

What's New

Version 1.6.1(15.04.2011)
  • New: Buttons are now supported (without ActionScript interactivity)
  • New: Trial restrictions have been changed
Version 1.6.0(28.02.2011)
  • New: Playback control feature: it is possible to use playback controls (play/pause/seek) in the Silverlight
  • New: Tiled bitmap fills are now fully supported
  • New: Generated XAML is now much closer to Flash and generally smaller in size. Styles are now used instead control templates
Version 1.5.1(24.11.2010)
  • New: Full support of Flash bitmap fill styles (tiled and clipped)
  • Fix: Fixed issue with forward references to bitmaps in SWF bitmap fill styles
  • Fix: Empty color transformation is now being handled better
Version 1.5.0(01.09.2010)
  • New: Support for Expression Blend 4 and Silverlight 4 output
  • New: Output to WPF and Windows Phone platform
  • New: SilverX is now fully managed .NET application
  • Improvement: Major XAML readability improvements and reduced XAML size
  • Improvement: Dramatically increased performance and reduced memory usage
Version 1.2.1(19.02.2010)
  • New: ADPCM-encoded sounds are now supported.
Version 1.2.0(08.12.2009)
  • New: Expression Blend 3 addin is now available.
  • Improvement: Namespace name setting has been added.
  • Improvement: Better handling of non-ASCI characters has been implemented.
Version 1.1.0(27.10.2009)
  • New: SilverX can generate Silverlight class library solution.
  • New: Ability to customize generated SilverX solution: project name, application class name and user control class name can be specified in conversion settings.
  • New: Better Flash/Silverlight install experience has been implemented for conversion output preview.
  • Fix: Better Expression Blend compatibility.
  • Fix: Streaming sound is now properly synchronized with animations.
  • Fix: Bitmaps stored in RGB15 format are now decoded correctly.
  • Fix: Console application now works correctly if relative SWF file path is specified.
Version 1.0.0(15.10.2009)
  • New: User interface has been rewritten from scratch and new UI design has been created.
  • New: SilverX installer now checks .NET framework 2.0 availability on the target machine.
  • Fix: Media synchronization issue - animations now start automatically after all media is loaded.
  • Fix: Issue with decoding bitmaps on Windows 7.
Version 0.9.9(17.10.2009)
  • New: Clipping layers are now supported.
  • New: Color transformations are now supported.
  • New: Silverlight output is now packaged in single .xap file, which makes it easier to deploy it.
  • Fix: Several conversion issues have been fixed.
Version 0.9.5(26.08.2009)
  • New: Progress bar now accurately displays conversion progress.
  • New: Embedded fonts are now supported.
  • New: Ability to automatically build Silverlight solution has been removed. You have to install all required tools and build converted solution manually.
  • Improvement: Image support has been improved. Now almost all image formats are being extracted correctly.
  • Improvement: Flash and Silverlight application preview has been improved: now preview opens in application window instead of launching Flash/Silverlight in web browser.
  • Improvement: Several stability improvements have been done.
Version 0.9.0(31.07.2009)
  • New: MP3 and WAV/PCM sound (event and streaming) support has been implemented. Please note: WAV/PCM files are converted into WMA since Silverlight does not support uncompressed WAV sounds. Original WAV/PCM is extracted and retained.
  • New: shows which components of Flash movie were not converted by SilverX.
  • Fix: Several issues with texts and bitmaps have been fixed.
Version 0.8.2(16.07.2009)
  • New: A number of issues with vector graphics, animations, shape tweens (morphing) have been fixed.
Version 0.8.1(08.07.2009)
  • Fix: Application now runs on 64 bit platforms.
Version 0.8.0(20.06.2009)
  • New: Implemented console application in .NET.C# (SilverXConsole.exe).
  • New: Implemented Widows GUI application in .NET/C# (SilverXApp.exe).
  • New: Implemented SilverX SDK .NET component.
  • New: Created InnoSetup install package.
  • New: Implemented ability to build/run Silverlight application in SilverX windows application.
Version 0.5.0(04.06.2009)
  • Improvement: XAML size optimizations: solid color brushes are now written as attributes.
Version 0.4.0(21.05.2009)
  • New: Shape tween (morphing) support has been implemented.
  • New: Static text/font support has been implemented.
  • Fix: Fixed issue with timeline rendering: milliseconds were incorrectly written into XAML.
  • Improvement: Default property values now are not written into XAML (XAML size optimization).
Version 0.3.0(14.05.2009)
  • New: Z-Order of object placement is now handled carefully.
  • New: Sprites support has been completed.
  • Fix: A number of issues has been fixed.
Version 0.2.0(08.05.2009)
  • New: Unicode/UTF8 support has been implemented.
  • Improvement: JPEG image extraction mechanism has been improved.
Version 0.1.0(29.04.2009)
  • New: First release.


SilverX supports all basic Flash features: vector primitives, images, texts and animations, so almost all Flash movie resources get accurately converted to Silverlight.

  • Vector graphics
  • Line styles
  • Solid fills
  • Bitmap fills
  • Linear gradient fills
  • Radial gradient fills
  • Bitmaps (JPEG/PNG): all bitmaps are converted to PNG format
  • Sounds
  • Static texts
  • Dynamic texts
  • HTML texts
  • Embedded fonts
  • Shape tweening/morphing
  • Clipping layers
  • Animations: show/hide object, matrix transformations, color transformations